Myth 1

Don't Feel Bad

Myth 2

Replace the Loss

Myth 3

Grieve Alone

Myth 4

Grief Just Takes Time

Myth 5

Be Strong / Be Strong for Others

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Keep Busy


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When You Grieve Your Job

So you had to take the dreaded walk through the office with your box of belongings. This proverbial image may conjure up a bit of a laugh in movies, but the feelings you experience in this scenario are anything but laughable. You can become overwhelmed with a flood of emotions and even experience physical symptoms.

Whether you enjoyed your job or you dreaded every day, you will likely experience grief. Possible areas you may grieve include the loss of routine, perhaps missing certain coworkers, the ego blow of losing your status, longing for stability or even grief over a change in your lifestyle and spending habits. Just like any grief, you can recover and even learn from this experience.

Here are 3 things to remember when you have to utter the words “I lost my job.”

1. You can spend time with your favorite people.

Try to remember that time is our most precious asset. One that we do not get back. It’s hard to focus on anything else when you are stressed about losing your job, but changing your perspective can be very helpful. Take time to spend with the people you love. This will add some positivity to your life and who knows, maybe this time with loved ones will allow you to clear some mental space, enough to think of an awesome solution. Maybe they will have insight that you have not considered. Either way, you will create memories, and those cannot be taken from you.

2. It could be just what you needed.

Sure, the last thing you want to feel is gratitude, but take a moment and think about the positives that may come of the situation. Maybe this will give you a chance to refresh yourself and be even better in your next position. Maybe you can take the opportunity to pursue another path that you have always put off. Maybe you can go back to school. When one season of life ends, we are free to explore a new path.

3. It is normal to feel grief.

Some obvious feelings that come to mind when thinking about the loss of a job are panic, anger and even shock. However, a very normal thing to feel is grief. It’s OK to grieve the changes. Allow yourself time to do so, and properly deal with these emotions, before shoving them aside to get the work done of finding a new job. Sure you need to be proactive, but also allow yourself a little grace in this time.

If you have lost your job and you are feeling overwhelmed with grief, know that you are perfectly normal. Grief comes in over 40 forms and all of them are significant. Though many associate grief with the loss of a loved one, grief can also come from a feeling that you have lost your identity. Many of us spend more of our lives at work than we do at home. Loss of a job is a significant and painful experience, but you can overcome it!

If you would like help in dealing with this life transition, please reach out to us!

From Grieving to Healing is a safe haven of support for moving beyond loss and grief.

Our mission is to walk with you, hand in hand, through the necessary action steps to actually “recover” from your grieving experience. We offer grief coaching and support services for individuals, groups, and organizations from all walks of life. We specialize in helping grievers and their families, and we strive to consult with, educate, and support the community at large including companies, organizations, schools, and religious institutions. Even though you’ve endured painful changes in the circumstances of your life, we extend our hand of support to you, and invite you to embark on your journey of healing.

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