Myth 1

Don't Feel Bad

Myth 2

Replace the Loss

Myth 3

Grieve Alone

Myth 4

Grief Just Takes Time

Myth 5

Be Strong / Be Strong for Others

Myth 6

Keep Busy


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Springtime for the Soul

Here comes the sun! It may have been a long winter for you, but spring has arrived and with it, a time to reflect on the state of our frosty souls. It may have been a long physical winter, packed with holidays and painful triggers for a grieving heart. Perhaps in this time you have experienced  a spiritual cooling down as well. It is common to allow the less carefree months of winter to wear on us and break down our reserves. It’s easy to lose sight of the faith we have for brighter days and the beliefs we have embedded in our beings.

There is something quite sacred and tangible in the air this time of year, which draws us toward healing and renewed faith and resolve. Take heart, my friend. Here is a list of ways you can begin to warm your heart back up and get your faith flowing again. If you’re ready to renew yourself this spring and embark on a time of self improvement, this should give you the boost you need.

Start at the beginning

What was it that led you to your faith to begin with?

Maybe you watched a close friend come out of a struggle victoriously and this lit a fire inside of you. Maybe you learned something about your faith that was exciting and new to you. Maybe you found peace in the practices you learned. Whatever the case may be, sometimes the best place to start when we have gotten off a path is back at the beginning. Start over and begin to allow your faith to be built step by step once again.

It is okay to start over. Think about taking a class or joining a group for people new to your faith. This may help you to remember things you have forgotten. In fact, you may even be able to offer help and understanding to someone else.

Get involved

When a person is passionate about something, it releases natural endorphins and creates a sense of purpose. When this person gets around others with the same passions, its nearly impossible to remain in the same state as before.

Have you ever noticed how public speakers can rile up a crowd? If you watch carefully, the speaker harnesses the energy in the crowd of like minded people, and it fuels their speech even more. If a speaker is engaging with a crowd who is silent and disconnected, they too will lose their momentum.

Life can be very much this way. If you want to remain steadfast in something like faith and more importantly, if you want to remain passionate, it’s good practice to get involved with others who are as well. Check out a conference or even join a social media group with those who share your passion for your faith. You won’t be able to avoid being encouraged.

Make a list

When it comes to self improvement, learning how to fight depression and discouragement can sometimes be daunting. Much like the reality of having an overpacked schedule can cause us to freeze up, having an overpacked mind can do the same. You may be thinking about how to do these things so much, that you are not actually implementing any of the techniques.

Making a list allows our mind to relax a bit and realize we have acknowledged the things we would like to work on. In addition to this, it helps us remember to take care of ourselves and do the things we have learned. It reminds us to return to our faith when things get rocky, rather than retreat into worry and despair.

From Grieving to Healing is a safe haven of support for moving beyond loss and grief.

Our mission is to walk with you, hand in hand, through the necessary action steps to actually “recover” from your grieving experience. We offer grief coaching and support services for individuals, groups, and organizations from all walks of life. We specialize in helping grievers and their families, and we strive to consult with, educate, and support the community at large including companies, organizations, schools, and religious institutions. Even though you’ve endured painful changes in the circumstances of your life, we extend our hand of support to you, and invite you to embark on your journey of healing.

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