Myth 1

Don't Feel Bad

Myth 2

Replace the Loss

Myth 3

Grieve Alone

Myth 4

Grief Just Takes Time

Myth 5

Be Strong / Be Strong for Others

Myth 6

Keep Busy


Watch Grievers Share Their Truth

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Group Programs

Traditional support groups encourage grievers to talk about their pain, but don’t always offer a clear roadmap to feeling better and moving beyond the pain. In our group programs, we use the official Grief Recovery Method format to help you take clear actions that will lead you to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.


Grief Recovery

8 Weeks

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Helping Children with Loss

4 Weeks

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Grief Recovery Alumni

3 Weeks

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Pet Loss Grief Recovery

6 Weeks

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Moving On from Romantic Relationships

6 Weeks

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