Myth 1

Don't Feel Bad

Myth 2

Replace the Loss

Myth 3

Grieve Alone

Myth 4

Grief Just Takes Time

Myth 5

Be Strong / Be Strong for Others

Myth 6

Keep Busy


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Are you holding on to unresolved grief in your life?

When the pain of holding on to the wrongdoings of your past continues to follow you into the present, you have a choice: you can choose to carry the pain or you can choose to let it go.

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What You’ll Learn

What forgiveness is and what it isn’t

How to examine your own misconceptions about forgiveness

3 action steps you can implement today to help you embark on your healing journey

Yes, I want to learn how to say goodbye to my emotional pain –
so I can claim my circumstances instead of allowing my circumstances to claim me and my happiness.

We ♥ your privacy and will not share your info. No spam, ever.